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Loperamide Oral Suspension in Ora-Sweet®   0.2 mg/mL
Lot No Expiry(mm/yyyy) Ingredients Master Formula
    loperamide  2 mg  TAB   
    Ora-Sweet® vehicle      qs to 
Recipe Total Quantity:
Final Quantity Desired: mL

Directions: 1. In a mortar, crush tablets and triturate to a fine powder.
2. Gradually levigate powder with Ora-Sweet®.
3. Pour into a graduated cylinder.
4. Rinse mortar and qs to final volume with vehicle.
5. Transfer to final container and label.

Notes To be prepared ONLY in the event that the commercial formulation is NOT available.

Ora-Sweet SF® can be used instead of Ora-Sweet® vehicle.

Expiry date assigned based on USP 795 guidelines for Compounding of Non-Sterile Preparations. No stability studies were completed.

Packaging:  Amber Plastic Bottle

Auxiliary Labels: Refrigerate
  Shake Well

Storage/Expiry:Refrigerator: 14 days

Last Date Revised: 23-Aug-16

References:Allen LV Jr. Compounding for gastrointestinal disorders [Newsletter on Internet]. Secundum Artem, vol. 13 (2). Accessed June 8, 2011. Available from:

Completed Compound Check
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