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Aqueous Iodine Oral Solution (Strong Iodine Solution - Lugol's Solution)   provides 50 mg/mL of iodine and 100 mg/mL of potassium iodide
Lot No Expiry(mm/yyyy) Ingredients Master Formula
    iodine crystals    CRYSTAL   
    potassium iodide    CRYSTAL   
    Water, sterile       qs to 
Recipe Total Quantity:
Final Quantity Desired: mL

Directions: 1. Dissolve crystals in hot water.
2. Cool to about 25°C.
3. Add sufficient water to final volume.
4. Filter if necessary.

Notes To be prepared ONLY in the event that the commercial product is NOT available.

Packaging:  Amber Glass Bottle

Storage/Expiry:Room Temperature: 1 year

Last Date Revised: 4-Mar-15

References:Martindale’s: The Extra Pharmacopoeia 31st edition, page 1809.

Remington’s: The Science and Practice of Pharmacy 21st edition, page 1377.

Completed Compound Check
Lot NoDate Prepared Expiry DateTechnicianPharmacist

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