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Phenoxybenzamine Oral Suspension   2 mg/mL
Lot No Expiry(mm/yyyy) Ingredients Master Formula
    phenoxybenzamine  10 mg  CAP   
    Citric acid/ Propylene glycol vehicle  0.15%/ 1%  PO SOLN   
Recipe Total Quantity:
Final Quantity Desired: mL

Directions: HAZARDOUS - Potential
Refer to the AHS Hazardous Medication Handling Guide for more information.

1. Empty contents of capsules into a mortar and triturate to a fine powder.
2. Prepare citric acid 0.15%/ propylene glycol 1% vehicle (see recipe).
3. Gradually levigate powder with vehicle until a liquid is formed.
4. Pour into a graduated cylinder.
5. Rinse mortar and qs to final volume with vehicle.
6. Transfer to final container and label.

Notes Phenoxybenzamine is a Health Canada Special Access Product.

Packaging: 100 mL Amber Glass Bottle

Auxiliary Labels: Hazardous medication - use safe handling precautions
  Shake Well

Storage/Expiry:Refrigerator: 7 days

Last Date Revised: 17-May-18

References: AHS Hazardous Medication Handling information available on Insite:

Lim LY, Tan LL, Chan EWY, Yow KL, Chan SY, Ho PCL. Stability of phenoxybenzamine hydrochloride in various vehicles. Am J Health-Syst Pharm 1997; 54:2073-2078.

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