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Ganciclovir Intravitreal Solution   800 mcg/ 0.1 mL
Lot No Expiry(mm/yyyy) Ingredients Master Formula
    ganciclovir  500 mg  VIAL   
    sodium chloride  0.9%  INJ   
Recipe Total Quantity:
Final Quantity Desired: mL

Directions: HAZARDOUS - Potential
Refer to the AHS Hazardous Medication Handling Guide for more information.

Prepare in a biohazard hood.
1. Dilute each ganciclovir 500 mg vial with 10 mL of 0.9% sodium chloride (normal saline), to make a 50 mg/mL concentration.
2. Withdraw 0.4 mL (20 mg) and qs to 2.5 mL with normal saline (not included in ingredient list), to provide a final concentration of 800 mcg/0.1 mL.
3. Filter into a 2 mL sterile glass vial with a 0.22 micron filter.
4. Draw up desired volume into a tuberculin syringe.

Packaging:  Syringe, Tuberculin

Auxiliary Labels: Hazardous medication - use safe handling precautions

Storage/Expiry:Freezer: 28 days
  Refrigerator: 28 days

Last Date Revised: 17-May-18

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