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hydrALAzine Oral Suspension (prepared from injection)   4 mg/mL *Note Strength*
Lot No Expiry(mm/yyyy) Ingredients Master Formula
    hydralazine   20 mg/mL  INJ   
    Propylene glycol liquid       
    Water, sterile       qs to 
Recipe Total Quantity:
Final Quantity Desired: mL

Directions: 1. Withdraw required amount of hydralazine from vials and transfer to a graduated cylinder. Contact with metal parts (e.g. stainless steel syringe needles) should be minimized or avoided if possible. A cannula can be used to draw up the injectable solution from vials.
2. Add propylene glycol.
3. QS to final volume with water.
4. Transfer to final container and label.

Notes If prepared from hydralazine ampoules:
1. Reconstitute each hydralazine ampoule with approximately 1 mL of sterile water that has been drawn up into a syringe WITHOUT any needle.
2. Using a filter straw (do not use any type of metal needle), withdraw the hydralazine, remove filter straw and pour into a graduated cylinder.
3. Add propylene glycol.
4. QS to final volume with water.

NOT FOR USE in neonates less than or equal to 28 days corrected age.
For neonates greater than 28 days, check with physician regarding propylene glycol component.

Make sure all glassware is clean and dry.

DO NOT mix with sugar based syrups as they reduce stability drastically.

Packaging:  Amber Glass Bottle

Auxiliary Labels: Note Strength

Storage/Expiry:Refrigerator: 30 days

Last Date Revised: 18-Jul-18

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