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Amphotericin B Mouthwash   5 mg/mL
Lot No Expiry(mm/yyyy) Ingredients Master Formula
    amphotericin B  50 mg  INJ   
    Water, sterile    INJ   
Recipe Total Quantity:
Final Quantity Desired: mL

Directions: Prepare in laminar flow hood using aseptic technique whenever possible.

1. Reconstitute amphotericin B 50 mg vial with sterile water for injection.
2. Transfer reconstituted solution from vial into an amber glass bottle.

Notes THIS FORMULATION IS NOT BASED ON LITERATURE, but is from unpublished data, historical use, or physician/pharmacy experience.

Packaging:  Amber Glass Bottle

Auxiliary Labels: ORAL USE ONLY
  Protect From Light

Storage/Expiry:Refrigerator: 7 days

Last Date Revised: 11-Aug-20

References:e-CPS [database on the Internet files updated every two weeks]. Ottawa (ON): Canadian Pharmacists Association; c2005 2013. Stability information for reconstituted amphotericin B vials - 7 days refrigerated.

Epstein JB, et al. Topical polyene antifungals in hematopoietic
cell transplant patients: tolerability and efficacy. Support Care Cancer (2004) 12:517525.

Fukushima C, et al. Effects of Amphotericin B gargles on oral colonization of Candida albicans in asthmatic patients on steroid inhalation therapy. Respiration 2001;68:465470.

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