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  • AHS Parenteral Manual (By subscription only)

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A convenient, accessible and contemporary reference database for health care professionals involved with parenteral drug administration. The Parenteral Manual provides information on drug-specific policies within Alberta Health Services, dosing, administration/monitoring guidelines, indications/contraindications, and Y-site compatibility information. Detailed information is found in the Provincial Parenteral Manual User Guide document.

Reference sources for the parenteral monographs include (but are not limited to) the CPS, manufacturers’ product monographs, Pediatric Dosage Handbook (Taketomo et al.), Neofax, and Trissel’s Tables. The references for each section of the monograph can be viewed be clicking on the References link.

  • AHS Recipe (Compounding) Database

NOTE: Recipes in this database will NOT be updated after May 1, 2022. Access to these unmaintained recipes will be removed completely as of January 15, 2023 (postponed from September 2022). If necessary, please contact the discharging hospital to obtain specific recipe information.

A compendium of recipes used for compounding within Alberta Health Services. The database includes recipes for oral or topical routes, as well as other non-sterile preparations. Recipes are evaluated for accuracy, completeness and consistency against the most current published literature available. Recipe information may include: ingredients/quantities, directions, special handling instructions, auxiliary label instructions, storage/expiry dates, and literature references.

Please note that these recipes are to be used as a reference and are not intended to be master formulation records. AHS is not responsible for compliance with NAPRA or other standards.

The recipe database is searchable by either recipe name or ingredient name, and can calculate the amount of each ingredient needed based on the final product amount required.